aneha - Premium Pampas Sunray Kit
aneha - Premium Pampas Sunray Kit
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Premium Pampas Sunray Kit
Make any room come alive in unique boho style with the statement piece you never knew you needed!
You'll be able to order your Pampas Sunray Kit between Nov 21 - Nov 30!
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NOTE: Pampas Sunrays are FINAL SALE! NO REFUNDS because they come as a DIY kit to assemble at home.

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The Pampas Sunray is a conversation-starter that helps you:

✓ Uniquely style a shelf, the top of a dresser or a wall in your home

✓ Bring a room to life as an eye-catching statement piece hung above a couch, a crib or bed (full, queen or king sized)

✓ Decorate a counter top or coffee table in an unmatched style

"This piece is so stunning that it would go in any room in your house. I have received so many compliments already in the way that it came package was absolutely beautiful. I am so happy that I got this and it was so easy to put together with the pre-drilled holes and everything was beyond perfect. Thank you so much.
-- Bruna G.

How Can You Turn Your Home Into Heaven on Earth With A Pampas Sunray?

Unlock Stress-Relief & Relaxation Sitting on your couch with a hot cup of coffee or tea has never felt so gooooood with the Premium Pampas Sunray shining boho light in your home.

A Pampas Sunray turns an everyday coffee sip or tea drinking session into a blissful trip into sunny paradise…

Where you’re floating on a soft and cozy magically cloud far far away from the stresses and worries of everyday life.

Cozying up in bed on rainy & cloudy days feels like you’re resting in a sunny botanical garden…as the Pampas Sunray warmly lights up your room and your life.

Indulge In Delicious Self-Care - Self-care isn't just another "hot topic" that's here today, gone tomorrow. Taking care of ourselves is more essential than ever. 

In our distracted and "busy" world, it takes thought to slow down and check in with ourselves and our environment. 

Continuing to go, go, go leaves us feeling burnt out and uninspired. The good news? You can make some changes to your home to make self-care a little easier - to make checking in with yourself and your environment fun!

Spending time in and around nature has been shown to affect our bodies and minds in many ways - from improving our moods to clearing our minds.

What better way to spend time around nature than to bring nature indoors!

What better way to improve your mood than to play with nature's textures and colors in your home with a Pampas Sunray - made with real bamboo wood and natural luxe pampas grass!

Decorating with a Pampas Sunray is a simple, fun and subtle way to connect with yourself and with nature all year long - rain or shine!

Make your "Me Time" deeply fulfilling, mindful and memorable.

Give Your Home a New Look and Feel - Remember how excited you were to move into your new space - your new apartment, studio or house?

It’s such a great feeling - knowing that it's a time for new beginnings and endless possibilities.

As the years go by...that feeling tends to go away. But one of the best ways you can revive that joy - that bliss - and continue to feel that way about your home again is to give it a new look by redecorating and renewing!

Using the timeless, chic, and gorgeous Pampas Sunrays, you can refresh your space quickly and easily in a matter of minutes 

These Pampas Sunrays give your home a stunning, unique look and feel.

They mesh easily with any current decor you have because of the neutral color of the real bamboo wood & natural pampas grass stems.

Be Creative & Express Yourself - Unleash your inner artist and tap into boho genius you never knew you had with your Pampas Sunray Kit - think Picasso but with pampas!

For most people, their home is the most important place that their lives revolve around - after all, home is where the heart is and where you and your loved ones spend most of your time. 

Because of this we all want our homes to be comfortable and also beautiful. 

Tap into your home’s full potential by adding small, personal touches here and there. 

Of course, your creative personal touches not only enhance your life and everyone else's who lives with you - but they also inspire your extended family and friends when they stop-by to visit. 

Unlock your artistic, personal touch easily with the versatile and stunning Pampas Sunray Kit. 

This DIY kit helps you give your home a personal boho touch that will definitely leave you and your guests spellbound with the shimmer and sparkle that your artistic talents add to your home.

Experience the Beauty of Nature Indoors With This  Handmade, Unique & Oh So 
Stylish Boho Wall Hanging
PLEASE NOTE: You'll get a Pampas Sunray Kit and will get to assemble your Pampas Sunray once you receive your kit.

So What’s Included in Your Pampas Sunray Kit?
✓ Pre- cut luxe pampas grass stems
✓ Pre- cut and drilled bamboo wood half circle
✓ Hardware for quick, simple & easy hanging

What’s Needed?
✓ Super Glue -  Try out Gorilla Glue or your favorite one
...but, don't take our word for it!
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Stop Trying To Blend In. Be Yourself. Be Bold — Be Unique!
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-Pauline, Founder of aneha